The Common Struggle Against Fascism
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Draft by Vyacheslav Molotov with a personal and most secret message from Joseph Stalin to Franklin D. Roosevelt on separate talks in Bern

3 April 1945
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

I have received your message regarding the talks in Bern. <...>

You affirm that no talks have been held so far. Apparently, you are not fully informed. My military colleagues, on the basis of the information at their disposal, have no doubts that talks have been held and that they have resulted in an agreement with the Germans. <...>

I have already written to you earlier and would like to repeat here that neither I myself nor my colleagues would ever dare to take such a risky step, as we understand that any transitory advantage from such talks would be insignificant in comparison to the fundamental advantage of preserving and consolidating trust between the Allies.