The Common Struggle Against Fascism

To: Organisers and guests of the historical documentary exhibition
Stalin – Churchill – Roosevelt: The Common Struggle Against Fascism


Dear Friends,


It is extremely important in my opinion that the Federal Archival Agency together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Russian Historical Society are continuing their fundamental research and educational project devoted to the key turning points of 20th-century history. Following two highly informative large -scale exhibitions about the causes and outbreak of World War II, the new exhibition Stalin – Churchill – Roosevelt: The Common Struggle Against Fascism presents a narrative of the cooperation of the three great allied powers that made up the anti-Hitler coalition during the war.

I should note that, despite their political differences and diverging or even diametrically opposed views, the leaders of the Soviet Union, United Kingdom and United States were able to choose the right priorities, overcome their personal ambitions, reach a consensus on key issues, and work out common approaches to complex problems in order to win the war as quickly as possible and set up a global security system based on collective action and the UN Charter.

We highly appreciate the contribution of our war-time allies to the de -feat of Fascism. Side by side with Red Army soldiers and officers, they fought against a cruel and merciless enemy to protect the ideals of humanism and freedom. Together, they speeded up the cherished and long-awaited Victory.

This is convincingly shown by the exhibition’s unique archival documents, many of which are demonstrated for the first time.

Today, at a time when mankind is facing new global threats and challenges, we must take full advantage of the priceless experience of international cooperation and close allied relations accumulated by our countries during World War II.

I am sure that the exhibition will evoke broad public attention and help to preserve the historical truth.

And, of course, special thanks go to the exhibition’s organisers for their enormous, painstaking and truly enthusiastic effort.


V. Putin