The Common Struggle Against Fascism

Joint message from Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin to Franklin D. Roosevelt on the talks in Moscow between the USSR, Great Britain and the Polish government

16 October 1944
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Russian translation.

English original.

"The British and Soviet Governments, upon the conclusion of the discussions at Moscow in October, 1944, between themselves and with the Polish Government, have reached the following agreement:

Upon the unconditional surrender of Germany the territory of Poland in the West will include the Free City of Danzig, the regions of East Prussia west and south of Konigsberg, the Administrative District of Oppeln in Silesia and the lands desired by Poland to the east of the line of the Oder. <...>

It is agreed that a Polish Government of national unity under Prime Minister Mikolajczyk will be set up at once in the territory already liberated by Russian arms."