The Common Struggle Against Fascism

Meeting of the Allied Forces on the Elbe. 1945

"...When our troops met the allies on the Elbe and in other areas, they sincerely congratulated each other with the victory over Nazi Germany and expressed their hopes for post-war friendship."

Georgy Zhukov, Memories and Recollections, p. 280.

27 April 1945
State Archive of the Russian Federation

"The victorious armies of the allied powers waging a war of liberation in Europe destroyed the German troops and met on Germany territory.

Our purpose and our duty are to defeat the enemy to the end and force him to lay down his arms and accept an unconditional capitulation. The Red Army will fully fulfil this purpose and duty before our people and all freedom-loving peoples.

We salute the valiant troops of our allies standing shoulder to shoulder with Soviet troops on German territory and resolutely determined to fulfil their duty to the end."

The personal and secret message from Joseph Stalin to Winston Churchill on the Joint Actions of Soviet and Allied troops on German territory, 20 April 1945. RGASPI, coll. 558, ser. 11, fold. 272, f. 128.

3 May 1945
State Archive of the Russian Federation
Russian News Agency TASS
May 1945
Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents

Photo by Georgy Khomzor