The Common Struggle Against Fascism

Memorandum from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Joseph Stalin expressing his support for the admission of the Ukrainian SSR and the Belorussian SSR into the Assembly of the International Organisation

10 February 1945
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Russian translation.

English original. Hand­signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We have agreed, and I shall certainly carry out that agreement, to support at the forthcoming United Nations Conference the admission of the Ukrainian and White Russian Republics as members of the Assembly of the World Organization. I am somewhat concerned lest it be pointed out that the United States will have only one vote in the Assembly. It may be necessary for me, therefore, if I am to ensure whole-hearted acceptance by the Congress and people of the United States of our participation in the World Organization, to ask for additional votes in the Assembly in order to give parity to the United States.