The Common Struggle Against Fascism
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Note from US ambassador to the USSR Laurence Steinhardt to Vyacheslav Molotov with a joint message from Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to Joseph Stalin on assistance in the fight against Fascism

20 August 1941
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Russian translation.

English original.

"We have taken the opportunity afforded by the consideration of the report of Mr. Harry Hopkins on his return from Moscow to consult together as to how best our two countries can help your country in the splendid defense that you are putting up against the Nazi attack. We are at the moment cooperating to provide you with the very maximum of supplies that you most urgently need. Already many shiploads have left our shores and more will leave in the immediate future. <...>

In order that all of us may be in a position to arrive at speedy decisions as to the apportionment of our joint resources, we suggest that we prepare a meeting which should be held at Moscow."