The Common Struggle Against Fascism

Summary of matters discussed at the Teheran Conference

10 December 1943
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Corrections in red pencil by Joseph Stalin.

As a result of the discussion of this matter and after some pressure from our side, Churchill and Roosevelt declared that Operation Overlord would be undertaken in a precisely set month in the spring of 1944 and that a similar operation would be conducted in Southern France. Mr. Stalin, in turn, declared that the Soviet army would mount an offensive at about the same time in order to prevent the transfer of German forces from the eastern to the western front. <...>

At Roosevelt's initiative, the issue of the post-war fate of Germany was discussed. Roosevelt proposed dividing Germany, describing his draft scheme of dividing Germany into five independent states. Mr. Stalin expressed his approval of Roosevelt's plan without specifying the exact number of states into which Germany should be divided. Mr. Stalin said that Austria and Hungary should be separate states.