The Common Struggle Against Fascism

Meeting of the Allied Forces on the Elbe. 1945

30 July 1945
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

"In the second half of June, Field Marshal Montgomery paid me a visit. After mutual greetings, he declared that the British government had awarded British military orders to me, Marshal K. Rokossovsky and Generals V. Sokolovsky and M. Malinin. <...> The award ceremony took place next to the Reichstag. I was decorated with Knight Grand Cross Order of the Bath; K. Rokossovsky with Knight Commander Order of the Bath; and V. Sokolovsky and M. Malinin with the Order of Merit."

Georgy Zhukov, Memories and Recollections, pp. 301–302.

January 1947
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Photo by S. Kuzmichev.

State Museum of the Defence of Moscow

Oil on canvas.

100.5 х 121.0 cm.

State Historical Museum

Made by M. Popovich.

Moulage. Tombac, nickel silver; stamped, hot-enamelled, engraved, mounted.

71 х 72 mm

Great Britain. 1901–1946
State Historical Museum

Gold, silver, enamel; stamped, mounted, engraved, hot-enamelled.

59 х 59 mm; total weight 30.60 g