The Common Struggle Against Fascism

The minutes of the second session of the Teheran Conference

29 November 1943
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

STALIN. If possible, it would be good to implement Operation Overlord in May – say, 10–15–20  May.

CHURCHILL. I cannot promise that.

STALIN. ...April and May are the most appropriate months for Overlord. <...> How long do we plan to stay in Teheran?

CHURCHILL. I'm willing to forego on food until these directives are worked out.

STALIN. I'm asking when we are planning to finish our conference.

ROOSEVELT. I'm ready to stay in Teheran so long as Marshal Stalin is in Teheran.

CHURCHILL. I'm willing to stay in Teheran forever, if necessary. <...>

STALIN. The Russians want to know when Operation Overlord will start in order to prepare their own attack on the Germans. <...>

ROOSEVELT. As we all know, the differences between us and the British are small. I'm against postponing Operation Overlord, while Mr. Churchill is stressing the importance of the operation in the Mediterranean. The military committee should discuss this matter further.

STALIN. We can discuss this matter ourselves, as we have more rights than the military committee.