The Common Struggle Against Fascism
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Note of the employee of the British Embassy in the USSR Frank K. Roberts to the Deputy People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrei Vyshinsky with the text of a BBC Broadcast by Winston Churchill

22 April 1945
Russian State Archive of Social and Political History

Russian translation.

English original.

After long journeys, toils and victories across land and at oceans, across so many deadly battlefields, the armies of the Great Allies have traversed Germany and have joined hands together. Now their task will be the destruction of all remnants of German military resistance, the rooting out of Nazi power and the subjugation of Hitler's Reich. For this purpose ample forces are available, and we meet in true and victorious comradeship and with the inflexible resolve to fulfil our purpose and our duty. Let all march forward upon the foe.